Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

  • 1. Come please ten minutes before the departure time with committing with the fixed time.

  • 2. Assurance of the existence of the person who is responsible for your transport before the tour's arrival to the location.

  • 3. Sabaya administration is irresponsible for your personal stuff.

  • 4. The amount paid is nonreturnable but may be frozen to a new date.

  • 5. Please commit with the program plan and adhere to the directions provided by the tour supervisor and supervisors of places.

  • 6. Thank you for your committing with your veil that makes you more beautiful.

  • 7. Please respect places that are visited and don't disrupt or abuse their properties.

  • 8. We also thank you for your respect for others' wishes and not smoking.

  • 9. You can capture pictures freely with respecting freedom of others and not to photo ladies without their permissions.

  • Dear, enjoy your time. This program is designed specifically for you.